Nasir-Al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz

Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque is located in the city of Shiraz, and was built in Qajar era by Nasir Al-Mulk. This mosque has two eastern and western bedchambers, and the eastern one has a tiled altar accompanied with 12 columns and windows with colorful glasses.


In fall and winter seasons when sunlight shines through the colorful glasses, it presents as exemplary beauty to the interior of the bedchamber, making this mosque outstandingly aesthetical among other mosques of Iran. The tiling and paintings of the bedchambers are of exceptional beauty as well.


I have seen Stained glass work in many architectural buildings, however the stained glass in The Nasir ol Mulk Mosque is Exceptional.


You are invited to see some photographs of this mosque:


ceiling of Nasir al-Mulk

ceiling of Nasir al-Mulk , click to see in full screen


Click to see in full screen

Click to see in full screen



From the start of dawn  the mosque is filled with colour and light. Sun shines through the glass and fills the inside, the persian rugs, the ceiling and wall tiles with patterns and colours.

I am so amazed at how the architect was able to combine so many things to build such an exquisite mosque.

I went to this mosque on a winter morning, and waited for the light that moves gently from the right hand side of the mosque towards the left, to fall exactly in the center so that my photograph could be completely symmetrical.



Columns and Colors

Columns and Colors, view from Top. click to see in full screen



Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque

Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque , click to see in full screen




More information about Nasir al-molk for those who are interested in Architecture and Archaeology: 

A brief introduction to Islamic architecture of Iran

Islamic period is a part of Persian history that starts after Sassanid period with coming Muslims till now.

This important part of history,have a long age,more than 1 millennium and divided into different dynasties. Every period have unique and own characteristics like architecture,economic  system,social  classifications and etc.

Now,we are going to have a glance to Qajar dynasty,because the place that we are speak about it,built at qajar period.

Qajar architecture

Every type of architecture in each period have some unique elements but it borrows some elements from previous periods. Therefor, the architecture of qajar period owes to Safavid art and architecture.

The Qajar art & architecture have not the magnificence and beauty of the previous period,for example some cities like Isfahan,Tabriz and Qazvin was extended and developed in safavid period with grand and unique mosques,schools,Carevansarais and complexes. But in Qajar period some cities like Tehran,Shiraz,Yazd and Kashan was raised by building mosques,bathes and palaces.

One of the most important monuments of this period Is Nasir-Al-Mulk mosque that built in shiraz,by one of the dignitaries that named Nasir-Al-Mulk. This mosque have several names like pink mosque because the usage of pink and yellow flowers in tiles. But the thing that makes this place more important,is the Technic of usage of glasses and play with lights. Another part of this mosque that attract most of photographers to take photos,is the harmony of using the columns inside it and this element,inspired from Jam-e mosque of Shiraz.


Nasir al-mulk

Nasir al-mulk, click to see in full screen



Plan of Nasir-Al-Mulk mosque

All of the mosques around the Islamic world,are very similar together,But they are different from each other.This difference is obvious in their plans. For example in Iran,the most mosques in every period,have 4 loggia,some others have 2 loggia and in rare cases we see even 1 loggia.

plan of nasir al mulk mosque

Nasir-Al-Mulk mosque have 2 loggia in north and south and in one of them exists 2 minaret and 2  halls in west and east. Some Arts are very significant at this mosque,like tiling,painting in roofs of loggia,colorful glasses,plaster-works, turnery of columns and the beautiful decorations of Mihrab.



Archaeological and architectural information are written by: @ Niloofar Ehteshami


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Pasargadae, Tomb of Cyrus and the private palace

Pasargadae, the capital of Achaemenid Empire under Cyrus the Great, is located in 130 km distance from Shiraz city on its northeast.

Cyrus the Great issued its construction (529–550 BC) after his victory over Astyages the last king of the Median Empire.

This complex is well known for its most famous monument, the tomb of Cyrus, but it also includes the prison of Solomon, Pasargadae Palace and citadel.Pasargadae

The tomb of Cyrus the Great:

Cyrus has issued the construction of this monument along with Pasargadae. This tomb consists of a chamber with sloping roof built on seven stone benches.

In 336 BC when Alexander the Great invaded Persia, Pasargadae was destroyed and the entire treasury of the palaces and tomb of Cyrus was looted.

This is a very important monument, as it is related to one of the most famous Persian Emperors and the history of Persia. It is for this reason that I had always wanted to immortalize the place at its best.  The Milky Way is only visible on certain summer evenings where the sky is clear and there is no moon. My aim was to capture this valuable structure under such a star-filled sky. Nobody is permitted to enter the area of Pasargadae, therefore aside from having to find the perfect time and moment; I also had to obtain various permits in order to make this photograph a possibility.


Tomb of Cyrus the great

Tomb of Cyrus the great


Royal palace of Cyrus with an area of 3427 km2 is one of the largest palaces of Pasargadae. The creeks in the surroundings of this palace indicate the existence of Persian gardens in this area.

In the photograph we see the remnants of the Audience Hall of the palace with 30 white columns. Plenty of black and white stones were used in this buildings structure.



Private Palace of cyrus the great

 Click to see in full screen

When I was taking this photo, for a moment I was stunned and lay on the ground for several minutes, staring at the sky, imagining I was there thousands of years ago, at the time that Cyrus the great lived with his council, ruling the greatest empire of all time; Persia.


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Eram Gardens in Shiraz is one of the most famous historical gardens in Iran. These gardens and the building within them were built in the middle of the 13th century, but were renovated and enhanced significantly during the Qajar dynasty. Eram owes its fame and importance to the botanical garden which is home to a verity of unique and rare plants. The main building in the gardens was built by Nasir-ol-Molk , the creator of The Pink Mosque and is ornamented by numerous inscriptions and alluring paintings.


As I walked into the gardens, the first thing I noticed was the positive energy emanating from the place due to its green and colourful surroundings; much like that of the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque. If not only for the agriculture, the grand structure before me had me in awe, from the vast colours and patterns used, to the unique architecture. More striking was the lake that span into small streams used as a watering system for all the gardens.


I tried to find a way to capture the building and its surrounding trees, and their reflection in the lake. In order to enhance the light and colour of the scene, I took the photo during sunset.



Eram Garden

Click on the image to see it on a full screen



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