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Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji ,  Profile Picture

26-year old Photographer and Physics student from northern Iran, interested in Panoramic and Architecture Photography.
I have been taking photos for 7 years, and have learned much through talking to other photographers, sharing my pictures and receiving feedbacks, and watching tutorials on the internet.
Most of my Pictures are Covering very Wide angle of view (show Entire Building in one Picture ) and also they are High Dynamic Ranges. As for me, light is a very vital element in Photography .

I have always tried to  to illustrate stunning features of buildings along with the details in architecture photography through artistic standpoints.

My latest photography collection named “Historic Persian/Islamic monuments and Temples” has been  been exhibited and seen around the world.

my Email :

newyork3 [at]gmail[dot]com  (Preferred contact option)


also get in touch with me by following or messaging my fb page : http://fb.com/fisheyepov




You can see what are inside my camera bag here:

inside My Camera bag

Inside My Camera bag

Cameras that I use:

Nikon D810 with Nikkor 16mm fisheye 2:8 and 50mm f1.4

Canon 7D with Sigma 8mm fisheye and Tokina 11-16



Video Description about me and my work:



Some of My Awards:

Shortlisted in panoramic section of Sony World Photography Awards 2015.
Shortlisted in panoramic section of Sony World Photography Awards 2014.
3rd place in Kolor Panobook awards 2014.
Best overall HDR Image and also 4th place in built in environment section of Epson Pano Awards 2014.
Bronze Medal on khayyam international photography awards.



Websites and Magazines that Exhibited or printed my Photo Collection + Biography:

news websites and Channels:

CNN, Yahoo,Dailymail,BBC, ABC, Spiegel, Ipost, N24, MSN, Blic, Politiken,Corriere,Quarts,Bussinesinsider,Metro and many more …

Photography and Art:

Petapixel, Designboom, Fubiz,National Geographic spanish, Gizmodo, Juxtapoz, MNN, Archdaily, Designfather, sornmag, arch2o, Curbed, …


National Geographic Spanish, Mental Floss, Civilization, Quest, Modern times, Digital photos, Trends, …


Gapyear, Weather .com, Momondo, BeautifulDecay, Boredpanda, Demiliked, Earthporm and hundreds of other websites.

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